2022 Was A Great Year!


While some of you may disagree, I personally think 2022 was a great year. We faced challenges and made accomplishments—like any other year—but that’s normal. And after 2 years of struggling through a global pandemic “normal” feels like something to be celebrated.

Now, 2022 definitely had its challenges! This last quarter in particular is turning out to be a pretty hard one. Inflation, rising costs, and squeezed profitability are being felt all around the world. 

But challenges also bring opportunities and we see more and more hog producers around the world looking for solutions to decrease costs and technologies to make their operations more efficient and productive. There may be hard times ahead, but hog producers and the hog industry overall are resilient and will find their way out of the crisis—they have before and will now.

That being said, I would like to challenge us all to finish this year with a bit of optimism—with our feet on the ground, lots of hard work, and an open mind towards “the new” and a few changes, of course—so we can come out the other end better and stronger.

For us at Crystal Spring Hog Equipment, it was a GREAT year. Despite the challenges we face and overcome daily, we accomplished a lot! We got back out there (in person!) to visit customers, train dealers, and attend congresses, seminars, and tradeshows. We got to see and hug friends, greet customers, meet new people, do what we all love doing so much in this industry: networking. 

The opportunity to exchange ideas, talk through the difficulties, and find creative solutions together is always very helpful and we truly missed it during the pandemic. This exchange of ideas with all the amazing minds we come across in this industry is what fuels us to keep developing innovative solutions and technologies to help our industry become more productive and profitable.

We also got to launch a brand-new website and our exclusive Dealer Portal, extend our social media channels to the world’s Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking communities, and expand our business worldwide.

I am certain I speak on behalf of all our Management Team when I say I am extremely proud of our team—how hard they worked and how much they accomplished this year. So, we would like to thank each and every one of them for keeping everything going with enthusiasm and passion.