For over 40 years, we’ve created practicalinnovative, and simple products to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and uphold our legacy of quality, durability, and responsibility.


Pioneered and created the original wet/dry shelf feeder and revolutionized the pork industry


Designed solid feeder space dividers to reduce competition between pigs while feeding


Adapted and released the original wet/dry feeder for wean-to-finish facilities


Created EZ-Adjust™ technology for the most precise feed flow control in the industry


Developed Sow Lift to reduce crush loss during lactation


Released the Freedom Stall™ (free-access stall) as an innovative solution for sow group housing


Developed a two-stage feed shelf for wet/dry feeders in wean-to-finish facilities


Designed Water-Space™ feeders to make wet/dry feeding possible for newly-weaned pigs


Released Adaptive-Flow™ watering products for precise and consistent water flow control


Started development on the Next-Generation farrowing crate


Created a simpler-to-manage wet/dry wean-to-finish feeder (WF2-series) and a more versatile dry wean-to-finish/grow-to-finish feeder (WF7-series)


What We Do

For decades, we’ve been known for our innovative, high-quality products that deliver proven results, backed by data and research. We offer a diverse product line including feeders, housing solutions and watering products and we offer a variety of high-level services from custom products to global turn-key solutions.

Where We Work

Our roots are in Canada, but as our customer base expands around the globe, we’re working hard to meet the needs of emerging markets and make our products available worldwide. Our headquarters are in the U.S.A., we have a manufacturing facility in Brazil, there are authorized Crystal Spring dealers in 20+ countries, and we’re continually expanding to meet our customers’ needs… wherever they are.

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Who We Are

We are first and foremost a community. Our company was established by the Crystal Spring Hutterite Colony, so we are guided by our commitment to collaborative relationship and a deep sense of responsibility to people and planet. Our relationships with our workers, customers, suppliers and partners are guided by the mutuality, respect, and consideration of friendship and we strive to operate with integrity in every aspect of our work.

Meet Our Business Development Team and C.S. Experts

Todd Heisterkamp

Locations: North America, United Kingdom

Languages: English

Natalia Heisterkamp

Locations: Brazil, Quebec (CA), Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe

Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian

Jonathan Kleinsasser

Locations: North America – Colonies, Asia

Languages: English, German

Terry Marx

Locations: United States, Western Canada

Languages: English

Matt Joyce

Locations: United States

Languages: English

Jose Luis Guillermo

Locations: Mexico, Central America/Caribbean, South America

Languages: Spanish, English

Customer Service / Support Team

Customer Service/Logistics