8-280+ lb (3.5-130+ kg) pig weight.

Our newest, most innovative wean-to-finish feeder features a new flat feed shelf design that is easier to clean (for better biosecurity), simpler to manage, and can be accessed by pigs of all sizes. Pigs can choose to eat dry feed from the shelf or combine feed and water in the trough. Our wet/dry feeders are *proven to improve daily gain while decreasing feed and water wastage.

*For more information and data about how our products improve performance, please see our Research page.

Model Features:

  • Feeds 12-16 pigs per feed space
  • Available with up to 6 feed spaces and up to 86″ long (2184 mm)
  • One nipple per feed space
  • Adaptive Flow™ nipple technology provides consistent water flow from the nipple, even with barn variable water pressures (for more information see our Technologies page)
  • EZ-Adjust™ technology provides precise feed flow control in 1/16” (1,5 mm) increments (for more information see our Technologies page)

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team.


  • Chassis made with heavy-duty 16 gauge (1,5 mm) 304 series stainless steel
  • Lapped and folded parts eliminate sharp edges and strengthen wear points 
  • Welded for strong, long-lasting durability 
  • Multiple holes and knockouts allow for many mounting situations—various mounting accessories available


Feeder ModelFeed Spaces Per SideFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) inFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) mmFeeder dimensions (weight) lbs / kgsHeight on X version in/mmFeed Capacity* lbs / kgsRecommended pigs per feeder**# of feed tube holders
15"114.75x21.75x30.75375x552x78126.50/12.0040.75 in/1035 mm87 lbs/39 kgs24-321
30"228.50x21.75x30.75724x552x78187.50/39.7040.75 in/1035 mm168 lbs/76 kgs48-641
42"342.00x21.75x30.751067x552x781107.82/48.9040.75 in/1035 mm227 lbs/103 kgs66-842
48"346.50x21.75x30.751181x552x781122.75/55.7040.75 in/1035 mm273 lbs/124 kgs72-962
60"458.50x21.75x30.751486x552x781147.29/66.8040.75 in/1035 mm343 lbs/156 kgs96-1282
72"570.50x21.75x30.751791x552x781175.91/79.8040.75 in/1035 mm413 lbs/187 kgs120-1602
86"685.50x21.75x30.752172x552x781198.53/90.0040.75 in/1035 mm495 lbs/225 kgs144-1922

* Feed capacity may vary according to feed formulation and type
** Spaces based on double sided feeders


Hopper Extensions:

Feeder hopper extensions available in different configurations.

  • Extended hopper feeders (X Version) increases hopper capacity up to 80%
  • Pyramid hopper extension available for even more capacity
  • Combine pyramid hopper with X Version feeder for maximized hopper capacity
Feeder Cover:

Feeder covers available for some feeder models to protect the feed from moisture and/or pests.

Mounting Brackets:

Multiple mounting solutions available to allow for different barn installations.

  • Solid concrete and concrete slats
  • Plastic nursery flooring
  • Gate Mountings
  • Provides precise water flow control at the feeder
  • Attaches to the Crystal Spring wet/dry feeder vertical water pipe
  • Allows for fast and easy disconnection from the water source