We Don’t Exist to Sell Feeders. We Exist to Help Producers.


We won't stop until we find a solution that works for you.

For the next few weeks, we’d like to share some of our favorite customer stories… starting with this roller coaster from Terry Marx, our Business Development Manager for Western Canada and the U.S:
Terry was working with a long-time customer who was building a new Wean-to-Finish barn when they ran into an issue. The customer originally purchased Crystal Spring’s newest Wean-to-Finish feeder with the flat shelf for its increased biosecurity and simplified management, but once they were installed, he became concerned that the shelf’s stability and strength weren’t enough due to his feeder’s larger size and feed capacity. He also had some concerns about pigs getting their heads stuck in the feeders between the feed space dividers and feed shelf.
Our initial solution to these issues was to provide new feed shelves with additional reinforcement to strengthen the shelf, as well as providing additional guards for the feed pan to eliminate any potential issues with pigs getting their heads stuck in the feeder.
However, the customer was still hesitant about the new feeder model even with the additional reinforcement and extra feed pan guards and straps. To set his mind at ease, we ultimately decided to replace all of his feeders with new ones in the old model, which he was more familiar and comfortable with.
Even though the customer didn’t end up keeping the feeders with the new shelf style, he was very happy with the process and the overall outcome. And despite being disappointed that the new feeder model didn’t work out for the customer, Terry felt good about the fact that he and the team didn’t stop looking for solutions until the customer was satisfied.
Because the fact is, Crystal Spring doesn’t exist to sell feeders. We exist to help producers and growers find solutions.