Learning from You is The Most Important Part of Our Job


When we first started supplying nursery feeders in Brazil, we faced some challenges getting the performance expected out of the feeders. We knew numbers could be better and we knew we had to find a way to get there. The answer (as usual) was found in listening to our customers.

Finding a solution took an open-minded approach and a lot of exchange of ideas with local and experienced nursery producers. We learned that we needed to adapt the way we presented our product line and change the way we taught producers how to manage the feeders. 

We always say the most important part of our job is to be with the customers and listen in order to provide the best solutions… and this situation showed exactly that.

When you listen to producers and accept the fact that this joint approach is the best way to solve issues and find solutions things become much easier and more logical.

With a reviewed and tested new way to manage our nursery feeders and a new approach on how we train producers, we were able to get Brazilian nursery producers to achieve amazing results with our G6 feeder line. Especially when it came to addressing their goal of reducing feed waste and improving Average Daily Gain (ADG).

Since then, our business development team has taken this same approach and experience to other parts of the world. It was a valuable “lesson learned” about how to enter a new culture and the importance of staying open to new ways of doing things.

The constant learning is one of the most motivating parts of my job. And, believe it or not, the pigs and the producers are my best teachers.