Crystal Spring Brazil Participates in Agroceres PIC Elite Project – The Genesis Nucleus Farm


On March 10th, in southern Brazil, Agroceres PIC inaugurated the largest genetic nucleus farm in Latin America—their biggest investment in history  

The “Núcleo Gênesis”, as it’s officially called in Brazil, is one of the most modern facilities for genetic material production in the world. It will allow Brazil to generate and export swine genetic material, ensuring self-sufficiency and genetic autonomy for Brazilian producers, cooperatives, and agroindustries.

The nucleus farm will hold 3600 females in 70,000 m2 of area and 22 different barns.

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This facility was also built as a visionary first step toward the transformation and modernization of Brazilian pig farming. Crystal Spring Brasil was honored to participate in this monumental and daring project, which will allow Brazilian producers to replicate many of the concepts used at the facility.

All feeders used in the nursery and grower barns were manufactured and supplied by our Brazilian subsidiary, located in Toledo-PR. 

When we asked Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp—our director of global strategy and director of Crystal Spring Brasil—why Agroceres PIC chose Crystal Spring’s products, she said: “Crystal Spring has a tradition of working with elite companies in the hog business worldwide, and our partnership with Agroceres PIC is already long-standing, not only in Brazil but all over the world. Our legacy of quality and durability weighs heavily on the decision of these companies, especially in projects of such critical importance. They know that they will receive a state-of-the-art product, with guaranteed durability and incomparable technical assistance and customer service”.

This genetic nucleus farm is just one more project that affirms our brand promise, attests to our innovative technologies, and proves our place as an industry leader.

We wish all the best to Agroceres PIC and the teams working daily to make the “Núcleo Gênesis” a success.