We made our Adaptive-Flow™ technology available for both sow and piglets by installing Adaptive-Flow™ drinker nipples in our industry-standard farrowing crate water pipe. This creates consistent and precise water flow and minimizes water wastage.

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Model Features:

Two options available depending on farrowing feeder type:

  1. High/Low/Piglet – Allows sow access to water whether she is standing or laying down.
  2. Low/Piglet – Allows sow access to water while laying down.

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team.


  • 304 stainless steel waterline and hardware
  • Pipe is heat threaded for durable connection points with drinker nipples
  • Adaptive-Flow™ drinker (bite) nipples:
    – Built entirely of food-grade materials
    – Premium 304 stainless steel body and actuator
    – Corrosion resistant Viton O-rings for longer life


  • Sow (orange insert) Adaptive-Flow™ drinker (bite) nipple flow rate at 25 psi: 4.9 cups (1.2 liters) per min
  • Piglet (green insert) Adaptive-Flow™ drinker (bite) nipple flow rate at 25 psi: 3.3 cups (0.8 liters) per min
  • Boar and Group Gestation (blue insert) Adaptive-Flow™ drinker (bite) nipple flow rate at 25 psi: 17 cups (4 liters) per min

Adaptive Flow™ TECHNOLOGY

Our Adaptive-Flow technology uses a patented silicone insert to create consistent and precise water flow control regardless of variable barn water pressures. This simplifies wet/dry feeder management, reduces water and feed wastage, and improves overall performance.