Adaptive-Flow™ Inline Regulator and Quick Connect Valve (Model #H19-0041)

Our innovative Inline Regulator attaches to the Crystal Spring wet/dry feeder vertical water pipe to provide precise water flow control at the feeder while our innovative Quick Connect Valve allows for fast and easy disconnection from the water source.

The Inline Regulator’s patented Adaptive-Flow™ silicone insert ensures a consistent flow rate regardless of variable barn water pressures and its numbered levels allow for precise and repeatable water flow adjustment.

The Quick Connect Valve features a flow-stop insert that allows for quick and easy disconnection from the water source without turning the water off at the source. The system also features a filter that prevent foreign materials and sediments from reaching and clogging the feeder nipples.

Learn more about Adaptive-Flow™ on our Technologies page.

Model Features:

  • Provides precise water flow control
  • Numbered levels for repeatable water flow adjustment
  • Creates consistent water flow
  • Features a filter to prevent sediments from clogging the feeder nipple
  • Quick Connect Valve also sold separately

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  • Premium 304 stainless steel body
  • ABS insert and filter cartridge 
  • Viton O-ring for longer life 
  • Silicone push disconnect button 
  • Silicone Adaptive-Flow™ Insert


  • Allows for flow adjustment at 25 psi from a range of: 3.1 cups (0.7 liters) per min to 19.2 cups (4.5 liters) per min
  • Filter specs: High Volume 380 Micron (40 Mesh) Vertical Sediment Filter / 0.394 in2 (2.541 cm2) Filtering Surface Area