The only nipple specifically designed for wet/dry feeding, our Adaptive-Flow™ feeder nipples use a patented silicone insert to ensure consistent and correct flow rates, regardless of variable barn water pressures. Adaptive-Flow™ nipples simplify wet/dry feeder management, reduce water and feed wastage, and ensure that each pig gets the correct daily water intake. They come in two different flow rates engineered to accommodate every phase of swine production and color-coded for simple management. All of our wet/dry feeders come standard with Adaptive-Flow™ feeder nipples.

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Model Features:

  • Creates consistent water flow
  • Reduces wastage
  • Comes standard in all Crystal Spring wet/dry feeders
  • Spray-shield reduces spray and ensures a smooth flow.
  • Removable HEX fitting (15/16”, 24mm) provides easy maintenance and cleaning

*Please Note: These nipples may not be compatible with other brands of wet/dry feeders and are not available for individual sale except as replacement parts for Crystal Spring feeders or in special circumstances. Please contact us for more information.


  • Built entirely of Food-Grade materials
  • Premium 304 stainless steel body and actuator
  • Corrosion resistant Viton O-rings for longer life


Available in two different flow rates that are color-coded for simple water flow managment:

  • Green insert: Low flow rate for nursery and farrowing piglets. (Flow rate at 25 psi: 3.3 cups/min, 0.8 liters/min)
  • Orange insert: Versatile flow rate for farrowing, boar pens, wean-to-finish and grow-to-finish. (Flow rate at 25 psi: 4.9 cups/min, 1.2 liters/min)

Adaptive Flow™ TECHNOLOGY

Our Adaptive-Flow technology uses a patented silicone insert to create consistent and precise water flow control regardless of variable barn water pressures. This simplifies wet/dry feeder management, reduces water and feed wastage, and improves overall performance.