Extended hopper version shown



Up to 80 lb (35 kg) pig weight

Our heavy-duty double-sided wet/dry nursery feeder is fully welded and constructed with a thicker gauge stainless steel than our original nursery feeders, making it suitable for use with bigger nursery pigs. Pigs can choose to eat dry feed from the shelf or combine feed and water in the trough. It is *proven to increase gain in every growing phase while decreasing feed and water wastage.

*For more information and data about how our products improve performance,
please see our Research page.

Model Features:

  • Feeds one pig per linear inch (2.54 cm/pig)
  • Available with up to 10 spaces and up to 72” long (1791 mm)
  • Nipples distributed to ensure easy access for every pig
  • Adaptive-Flow™ nipple technology provides consistent water flow from the nipple, even with variable water pressure (for more information see our Technologies page)
  • EZ-Adjust™ technology provides precise feed flow control in 1/16” (1,5 mm) increments (for more information see our Technologies page)
  • Available as a single-sided feeder (Model #G7)
  • Also available for lighter pig weights (Model #N1)

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team.


  • Chassis made with 18 gauge (1,2mm) 304 series stainless steel
  • Welded for strong, long-lasting durability
  • Lapped and folded parts eliminate sharp edges and strengthen wear points
  • One-piece waterline for ease of installation and to avoid potential leak areas/points
  • Multiple holes and knockouts allow for many mounting situations—various mounting accessories available


Feeder ModelFeed Spaces Per SideFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) inFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) mmFeeder dimensions (weight) lbs / kgsHeight on X version in/mmFeed Capacity* lbs / kgsRecommended pigs per feeder**# of feed tube holders
15"214.75x17x25375x432x63537.47 / 1730.75 in / 781 mm48.5 lbs / 22 kgs26-341
18"318x17x25375x432x63544.5 / 20.230.75 in / 781 mm62 lbs / 28 kgs32-401
24"3 (4SP available)24x17x2524x17x25610x432x63548.7 / 2230.75 in / 781 mm89 lbs / 40.4 kgs44-521
30"4 (3SP/5SP available)30x17x25762x432x63556.3 / 25.530.75 in / 781 mm120 lbs / 54.4 kgs54-661
36"5 (4SP/6SP available)36x17x25914x432x63564.12 / 29.130.75 in / 781 mm144 lbs / 65.3 kgs64-801
42"6 (5SP/7SP available)40.50x17x251029x432x63566.6 / 30.230.75 in / 781 mm161 lbs / 73 kgs76-921
48"6 (5SP/8SP available)46.50x17x251181x432x63576.33 / 34.630.75 in / 781 mm185 lbs / 83.9 kgs86-1062
54"7 (6SP/9SP available)52.50x17x251334x432x63585.87 / 3930.75 in / 781 mm209 lbs / 94.8 kgs96-1202
60"9 (7SP/10SP available)58.50x17x251486x432x63595.01 / 43.130.75 in / 781 mm233 lbs / 105.7 kgs108-1322
72"10 (8SP/9SP available)70.50x17x251790x432x635108.9 / 49.430.75 in / 781 mm264 lbs / 120 kgs128-1602

Additional feeder space configurations are available, please contact your Crystal Spring representative if above models don’t meet your needs
* Feed capacity may vary according to feed formulation and type
** Spaces based on double sided feeders


Hopper Extensions:

Feeder hopper extensions available in different configurations.

  • Extended hopper feeders (X Version) increases hopper capacity up to 80%
  • Pyramid hopper extension available for even more capacity
  • Combine pyramid hopper with X Version feeder for maximized hopper capacity
Feeder Cover:

Feeder covers available for some feeder models to protect the feed from moisture and/or pests.

Mounting Brackets:

Multiple mounting solutions available to allow for different barn installations.

  • Solid concrete and concrete slats
  • Plastic nursery flooring
  • Gate Mountings
  • Provides precise water flow control at the feeder
  • Attaches to the Crystal Spring wet/dry feeder vertical water pipe
  • Allows for fast and easy disconnection from the water source


Our original wet/dry feeder technology lets pigs mix their own slurry directly in their feeder. This results in more gain and less feed and water waste, making our feeders the most profitable in the industry.

Adaptive Flow™ TECHNOLOGY

Our Adaptive-Flow technology uses a patented silicone insert to create consistent and precise water flow control regardless of variable barn water pressures. This simplifies wet/dry feeder management, reduces water and feed wastage, and improves overall performance.


Our EZ-Adjust technology provides easy, repeatable, and precise feed flow control 1/16” (1.5mm) increments, for all feed types and quality. This mechanism is simple, innovative, and offers the industry’s most refined adjustment while simplifying feeder management in each growing phase.