Our ad-libitum wet/dry sow feeder allows sows to choose between eating dry feed or mixing feed with water during farrowing and lactation. Its integrated Adaptive-Flow™ nipple is placed low in the feeder to provide ample water while minimizing wastage or accumulation.

*Research shows that sows fed on our wet/dry feeders return to estrus faster and produce heavier litters with higher pre-wean survival rates. Wet/dry feeding also helps maintains a sow’s condition and reduces back fat loss during lactation compared to dry feeders.

*For more information and data about how our products improve performance,
please see our Research page.

Model Features:

  • Works with most standard crate models and manufacturers
  • Adaptive-Flow™ nipple technology provides consistent water flow from the nipple, even with variable barn water pressures
  • EZ-Adjust™ technology provides precise and repeatable feed flow control in 1/16” (1,5 mm) increments for individual sow’s needs
  • Easy to clean with open back and alley access
  • Engineered 9.5 lb (4.3kg) bowl designed to reduce feed waste
  • Available as a dry feeder (Model #S2-D)
  • Available with extended hopper (Model #S1-15)

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team.


  • Chassis made with 16 gauge (1,5 mm) chassis in 304 stainless steel
  • Lapped and folded parts eliminate sharp edges and strengthen wear points
  • Fully welded for strong, long-lasting durability


Feed Spaces Per SideFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) inFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) mmFeeder dimensions (weight) lbs / kgsFeed Capacity* lbs / kgsRecommended pigs per feeder**
114.88x13.46x23.5378x342x59724.38 / 1123 / 10.51

* Feed capacity may vary according to feed formulation and type
** Spaces based on double sided feeders


Tip Out Option:

To allow for easy cleaning

  • Creates consistent and precise water flow
  • Farrowing watering for both sow and piglets
  • Minimizes water wastage