Growing Phases

Sow Feeders

Our tested and proven sow feeders improve feed intake during farrowing, leading to heavier piglets and a faster return to estrus, while also minimizing waste.

  • Allows sows to mix their own wet feed or choose dry feed
  • Increases feed intake while minimizing feed wastage
  • Helps maintain sow’s condition and reduces back-fat loss during lactation
  • Economy farrowing feeder
  • Engineered bowl designed to reduce feed waste
  • Easy to clean, washable from the alleyway
  • Allows easy access to feed even while lying down increasing feed intake
  • Provides extra length and square footage in shorter crates
  • Narrow-profile hopper allows for increase aisle width


Growing Phases


Our original wet/dry feeder technology lets pigs mix their own slurry directly in their feeder. This results in more gain and less feed and water waste, making our feeders the most profitable in the industry.

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Adaptive Flow™ TECHNOLOGY

Our Adaptive-Flow technology uses a patented silicone insert to create consistent and precise water flow control regardless of variable barn water pressures. This simplifies wet/dry feeder management, reduces water and feed wastage, and improves overall performance.

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Our EZ-Adjust technology provides easy, repeatable, and precise feed flow control 1/16” (1.5mm) increments, for all feed types and quality. This mechanism is simple, innovative, and offers the industry’s most refined adjustment while simplifying feeder management in each growing phase.