Close-up view of a Crystal Spring metal apparatus with twin serrated gears mounted on a gray steel frame.
Close-up view of a Crystal Spring metal apparatus with twin serrated gears mounted on a gray steel frame.


Up to 60 lb (27 kg) pig weight

Our single-sided dry nursery feeder features our patented EZ-Adjust™ technology for precise feed flow and reduced feed waste. Its solid dividers promote good feeding habits and its quick-latch and notched bottom allow for quick removal and easy cleaning.

For more information and data about how our products improve performance,
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Model Features:

  • Available with up to 10 feeder spaces
  • EZ-Adjust™ technology provides precise feed flow control in 1/16” (1,5 mm) increments (for more information see our Technologies page)
  • Two-sided version available (Model #N3)

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team.


  • Chassis made with 20 gauge (0,8 mm) 304 series stainless steel
  • Riveted construction
  • Lapped and folded parts eliminate sharp edges and strengthen wear points
  • Multiple holes and knockouts allow for many mounting situations—various mounting accessories available


Feeder ModelFeed Spaces Per SideFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) inFeeder dimensions (LxWxH) mmFeeder dimensions (weight) lbs / kgsHeight on X version in/mmFeed Capacity* lbs / kgsRecommended pigs per feeder**# of feed tube holders
10"110x10.35x25254x263x63522.75 / 4.5N/AN/A7-8N/A
15"215x10.35x25381x263x63528.17 / 12.8N/AN/A10-12N/A
18"318x10.35x25457x263x63531.48 / 14.3N/AN/A12-14N/A
24"424x10.35x25610x263x63537.32 / 16.9N/AN/A16-19N/A
30"4 (5SP available)30x10.35x25762x263x63541.8 / 18.9N/AN/A20-24N/A
36"5 (6SP available)36x10.35x25914x263x63548.13 / 21.8N/AN/A24-28N/A
42"740.50x10.35x251029x263x63553/43 / 24.2N/AN/A28-33N/A
48"8 (6SP available)46.50x10.35x251181x263x63559.22 / 26.9N/AN/A32-38N/A
54"952.50x10.35x251334x263x63565.02 / 29.5N/AN/A36-43N/A
60"10 (8SP available)58.50x10.35x251486x263x63571.41 / 32.4N/AN/A40-48N/A

Additional feeder space configurations are avaiable, please contact your Crystal Spring representative if above models don`t meet your needs
* Feed capacity may vary according to feed formulation and type
** Spaces based on double sided feeders


A four-part image showing the installation of a Crystal Spring Hog Equipment metal bracket to a concrete base using a wrench and bolts.
Mounting Brackets:

Multiple mounting solutions available to allow for different barn installations.

  • Solid concrete and concrete slats
  • Plastic nursery flooring
  • Gate Mountings
  • Creates consistent and precise water flow
  • Versatile application
  • Minimizes water wastage
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Our EZ-Adjust technology provides easy, repeatable, and precise feed flow control 1/16” (1.5mm) increments, for all feed types and quality. This mechanism is simple, innovative, and offers the industry’s most refined adjustment while simplifying feeder management in each growing phase.