'Next Generation' Farrowing Crate

Our ‘Next Generation’ farrowing solutions are designed with safety, comfort and productivity in mind for both sows and piglets. This crate is designed with a removable farrowing guard on the rear gate that prevents crush loss and allows a safe pathway for piglets to cross from one side of the crate to the other. Its cast-iron raised sow deck helps keeps the sow comfortable and protects piglets. For ease of management, it also features an innovative, pig-proof latching mechanism that can be managed with a single hand on both front and rear gates. Includes W3-Series Adaptive-Flow Watering Pipe and drinker (bite) nipples.

Model Features:

  • Available in multiple sizes and customizable configurations to meet specific needs for both new barns and remodels
  • Optional adjustable bottom bar accommodates both first-parity gilts and large sows
  • Removable farrowing guard to protect piglets
  • Innovative, single-handed latching mechanisms
  • Cast-iron 1″ (2,2 cm) raised sow deck
  • Pair with Crystal Spring wet/dry sow feeders to optimize feed intake, improve sow conditioning, and decrease feed and water wastage
  • W3-Series Watering Pipe equipped with our Adaptive-Flow™ drinker (bite) nipples.

Custom configurations are available to meet specific production, layout and installation needs. To learn more, please contact our team


  • Heavy square tubing available in hot-dipped galvanized, stainless steel and powder-coated
  • All hot-dipped galvanized parts meet CSA G164-1981M/ASTM A123 and ASTM B633-15 standards
  • Stainless steel leg and foot for quality and longevity
  • 304-series stainless steel mounting hardware