Production Costs are a Concern for Our Industry Around the Globe


We spent the last two weeks in Spain and Portugal, meeting with customers, industry allies, and universities. No surprise for us that everywhere we went, and everyone we talked to, mentioned how hard it has been to manage production with the rise of feed costs and margins being squeezed.

The other point we heard consistently is that the consumer market is dictating standards for our industry and that more and more questioning them is not an option, it is left for us to adapt. The consumer wants pork made with quality, sustainable production methods and yet at a reasonable cost.

Yet, we still see producers adopting production methods, installations, and equipment that do not fit those standards and are making producers lose even more money. It’s a fact that 70-80% of production cost goes through a feeder. We know that durable a wet/dry feeder that is purposely designed with innovative technologies that make management easy can help those challenges in many ways. 

The exchange of information with producers and understanding the challenges they face in the various regions of the world are key so we keep finding solutions that will help the industry succeed.

We are certain that Crystal Spring’s product line offers excellent options for feed and water savings that will significantly improve their performances and profitability while meeting the international demand for high-quality, sustainable pork at the best cost.

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