Our Commitment and Responsibility to the Industry


This week our team attended one of the biggest conferences and tradeshows of our industry in Bangkok, Thailand – VIV Asia. It is the third time Crystal Spring Hog Equipment exhibits at this show as it is very important to us to have a presence in the region, reinforcing our global presence and branding, and being able to be there for our customers from the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Australia, China, amongst others.

The show had great attendance, especially after Covid did not allow the 2021 edition to happen. As we have seen in other regions of the world, last year and these past months, as covid restrictions around the globe lift and we are back to normal business – everyone is really eager to be back in touch, exchange ideas, and check what`s new in the industry as far as technologies and trends.

This year’s show came with an interesting interaction, particularly for me. We have been working very hard over the last couple of years to be more active and increase our visibility on social media.

It was to my great surprise that Kuhn Wachiranon, or Tommy, as he so kindly allowed us to call him, stopped by our stand to say hi and let us know he is a great “Fan of ours”, following us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

Tommy is a young pig farmer in Thailand, participating in his family business as a contract grower to CPF group. He wanted to get to know the team he sees on his mobile screen in person, but he also wanted knowledge. We sat and discussed pig production for nearly an hour. 

He had many questions, and we enjoyed every second of his interaction as we answered them.

I am sharing this story not only because it makes me happy with our accomplishments and very proud of the work our marketing team has put in the last couple of years, but because it reminded me emphatically of our responsibility with what we do in social media.

As social media becomes the main source of information for the new generation of hog farmers in the world, it is our responsibility, as influencers, to make certain we publish and share relevant content that will make them better farmers. It is our commitment to the industry and our followers to bring knowledge and to keep investing in research and development so we can keep feeding our readers with content of quality and reliability that goes in line with the legacy that Crystal Spring has built over the years.

And as Voltaire said (and maybe Spider-man for the younger generation…), “with great power, comes great responsibility”. This week I most certainly felt the burden of that quote. So, rest assured we will keep posting relevant, truthful, and reliable information, because that is the least our “fans”, like Tommy, who more importantly, is now our ‘friend’, around the globe deserve.