The Rewards (and Challenges) of Wet/Dry Feeding in Nurseries


When we talk about wet/dry feeding in the nursery phase, we always mention “a better start for a better finish.” That’s because our years of experience and research show that correctly managing the first two weeks in a nursery barn can maximize gains by the end of the pigs’ growing phase and help deliver the best possible performance.

The weaning process is never easy—it presents several challenges and demands special management. Wet/dry feeding helps to ease the process by giving pigs early access to feed, water, and gruel directly in the feeder and by improving the pigs’ overall gut health. Together, these factors help maximize intake and help to avoid dehydration and weight loss during the first few days.

Over the past year, we’ve looked closely at nursery barns around the world in order to help producers get the most out of wet/dry feeding. For example, in Brazil, we see a lot of producers seeking better performance in the nursery phase, which means we get a lot of inquiries about our feeders and a lot of questions about how to overcome management challenges.

While our wet/dry nursery feeders are thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested to make nursery barn management as simple and intuitive as possible, feed variations in nurseries are complex and include a wide variety of feed types and formulations. With options ranging from a “heavy first ration mash” to pellets and mini pellets, it can be challenging to manage feed flow to keep pigs inside their consumption curve. When you add water to those complexities, it can create a huge challenge. In a badly designed feeder, it can truly become a nightmare.

However, managing a nursery barn doesn’t have to be rocket science! We can help you use our patented technologies to solve problems, save time on feeder management, and allow barn workers to focus on more important activities. We’ve said it before in our previous articles, but we’ll never get tired of repeating such an important point: managing the water flow and feed flow in the feeder is the key to getting the correct wet/dry feeding ratio. Our team (and our technologies!) can help you get it down to a science.

With Crystal Spring wet/dry nursery feeders, you get the best, proven performance on the market while also simplifying feeder management during the nursery phase.

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