Diversity is ‘Common’ in the United Kingdom and Europe


Perhaps the greatest challenge the European Union has faced since its establishment in 1993 is balancing the free movement of workers, goods, capital, and services within its borders in order to maximize the advantages of a collective single-market system for its member countries—many of whom have comparably small populations and economies on their own—while also addressing the fact that member countries have a desire to maintain their own sovereignty and identity, as evidenced by last year’s “Brexit.”  Arguably, the best word to describe the EU (the largest economy in the world) is diversity and one look at the swine industry throughout the UK and EU only magnifies this diversity.

As a Canadian company that was established within North America’s ‘standardized’ production system, we’ve learned a lot about this diversity from our customers in the 15 years since we first entered the “piggeries” in the United Kingdom and again more recently as more Spanish pork producers took an interest in our products. This diversity includes indoor and well as outdoor facilities; deep bed flooring as well as slats; and small pens as well as large pens using auto-sort scale systems. 

Despite the diversity in Europe’s swine industry, we found there is one thing all the producers share in common: Pig farmers are looking for innovative ways to improve their production systems. That is where we, at Crystal Spring, found our fit. 

Pig farmers are discovering that our feeders perform well in the diverse European production methods and deliver the improvements they are hoping for. Like many places around the world, pig farmers in Europe are realizing that all their financial investments in improving genetics and nutrition can be lost just by using a low quality, inefficient feeder. 

Do we know everything about the diversity in the European swine industry? Hardly. We know that there is a lot more to learn. However, what we do know is we are committed to providing practical, innovative and simple solutions to help pig farmers throughout the world reach their goals and at the same time, uphold our legacy of quality, durability, and responsibility.   


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