Crystal Spring Hog Equipment Dealer Portal Access Agreement

This Agreement hereby authorizes (DEALER) non-exclusive access to the Crystal Spring Hog Equipment, Ltd. (CRYSTAL SPRING) Dealer Portal.  The Dealer Portal provides qualified dealers direct access to Crystal Spring ™ product information and promotional materials through the CRYSTAL SPRING website,   

DEALER understands and acknowledges that certain information made available in the Dealer Portal is Proprietary Information and is the property of CRYSTAL SPRING.  Such Proprietary Information includes but is not limited to (sales sheets, logos, pictures, artwork, management guides, research material, articles and essays, technical information, drawings, videos, and promotional materials in general)

Regarding such Proprietary Information, DEALER agrees as follows:

The Proprietary Information remains the sole and exclusive property of CRYSTAL SPRING.  No right or license in the Proprietary Information is otherwise granted by CRYSTAL SPRING resulting from its disclosure under this Agreement.

The Proprietary Information cannot be copied, shared, distributed, or transmitted in any medium or by any means including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods without obtaining prior written consent from CRYSTAL SPRING.

The DEALER agrees that the Proprietary Information is not to be altered, edited, or used in any other materials or formats, other than the ones provided in the Dealer Portal.

DEALER representatives and staff who need access to the Proprietary Information provided in the DEALER Portal are to be informed of the terms and conditions of this agreement and the nature of the information being shared in the Dealer Portal.  

Through this Agreement, DEALER is hereby granted login privileges to the Dealer Portal and may share its username and password within its organization as needed making certain that all staff involved are aware of and have acknowledged the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

This Agreement shall be in full force for one year.  Thereafter the agreement will automatically renew for additional one-year periods until such time as it is terminated for any reason by either party at any time.  Termination is accomplished by either party by written or electronic communication to the other party.

The Agreement shall be construed under the Laws of the State of Nebraska.