Benefits of Wet/Dry Feeders in a Nursery System


As a former nursery grower, as well as a nursery production technician for a large U.S. Integrator, Crystal Spring’s Business Development Manager, Matt Joyce, shares his thoughts about wet/dry feeders in the nursery.

What are your goals for nursery production?

Mine was to produce as many viable, healthy pigs at the least cost.

One of the best strategies in achieving my goal was to get the group of pigs off to the best start possible. 

Providing feed, water, and the best environment, are essential in starting pigs and determines the number of “fall behinds” I had. Once fall behinds are identified, introducing them to gruel feeding was a great approach to help them recover.

An even better approach is to be proactive and a great way to do that is to use wet/dry feeders in your nursery site.

Wet/Dry Nursery Feeders are an effective approach to start the group off on the right foot and continue throughout the turn.

Studies and data show that when piglets are started on our Wet/Dry feeders, feed consumption increases. When clean and fresh water are provided at the feeder, pigs can mix the water and feed essentially creating their own gruel, making their transition from the sow’s milk to solid feed easier. This results in increased gains which helps reduce fallbacks throughout the turn.

When you evaluate your goals for your operation, it would be a great choice to consider using Crystal Spring Wet/Dry Nursery Feeders which can improve your performance, save you time, energy, and dollars. 

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