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Who We Are:

Crystal Spring Hutterite Community was founded in the 1950s in Manitoba, Canada. As a community, we work together to create simple, practical, and innovative solutions in response to challenges faced by our customers. 

Our approach has always been rooted in our values of innovation, responsibility, legacy, community, and awareness. These values are evident in our eagerness to listen to our customers and our commitment to continuously improve and innovate. Our values can also be seen in our long history of partnership and collaboration—within our own community, with our neighbors, and with our friends and partners around the world.

It is our commitment to these values that has led to consistent, decades-long growth in all three of our brands—Crystal Spring Hog Equipment, Black Earth Grills, and Infocus Manufacturing.
The majority of the products we create for these brands are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facility in Manitoba, using some of the most sophisticated machinery available to fabricate and assemble the materials for our signature products. Everything we produce is high-quality and built to last. 

We also work hard to build authentic relationships with all of our suppliers—to understand their vision for their company/community and help them understand ours—and we do our best to source materials with a transparent supply chain whenever possible. 

In order to expand the global distribution channels for all of our brands in a way that aligns with our values, we partner with like-minded companies who share our passion for innovation and collaboration. These distribution partners provide product resources and in-person service for our customers around the world.

As we grow and expand our reach, we will maintain our commitment to our guiding values of innovation, responsibility, legacy, community, and awareness. And in this way, we will maintain and expand our legacy of excellence, innovation, and integrity despite the demands and changes in our industries. Because our work is never done.

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We will work together, guided by our commitment to our values and to our wider community, to maintain a legacy of quality, innovation, and simplicity.


We will continue to develop a diverse line of insightfully practical and innovatively simple products to meet our customers’ needs, exceed their expectations, and help strengthen all of our communities.

Our Core Values


Everything we do is rooted in community, relationship and collaboration—from our daily tasks and innovation to identifying and reaching new markets. The mutuality, respect and consideration of friendship guide our relationships with our workers, customers, suppliers and partners. This foundation facilitates the free exchange of ideas, open communication, and genuine care for each other’s well-being.


Our belief that we can always do better pushes us to continually create innovative solutions that better meet our customers’ needs and set us up for success in our industry(ies). This approach is rooted in a willingness to ask hard questions, acknowledge our mistakes, and view failure as an opportunity for reflection, learning, and improvement. In order to do this effectively, we listen deeply to our customers so we can respond to their needs with practical, value-adding solutions. In this way, we will create an environment of perpetual learning and continual innovation in order to progress in an ever-changing global marketplace.


Our deep sense of responsibility to do the right thing for people and planet sets a very high standard for our operations. We feel a responsibility to treat people with dignity and respect. We feel a responsibility to supply our customers with practical, durable solutions, while clearly communicating the correlation between our products’ quality, the value they deliver, and our real pricing model. We feel a responsibility to compensate our suppliers and supply chain partners fairly for their work and materials. We feel a responsibility to make our supply chains more transparent whenever possible. And while we acknowledge that there will always be room for improvement in these areas (as with everything we do,) we strive to operate with integrity in every aspect of our work.


For decades, we have been known for developing innovative, high-quality products backed by data and research. The longevity of our brand and the integrity with which it has been led has earned us industry-wide respect and credibility. We will honor that legacy by building upon it—by providing innovative and insightfully simple products that deliver tangible value, strategically expanding the scope of the company, advancing the company’s long term vision, and renewing our commitment to the values that got us here.


As the world continues to change, we will continue to adapt and grow to meet each new challenge that comes with it. We will regularly examine and challenge our own assumptions and evaluate our product line to ensure that we are meeting the ever-changing needs of an ever-expanding global market. We will build on our established global relationships and invest in new ones in order to expand our community, team, and customer base around the world while remaining agile enough to quickly respond to new needs in the marketplace. In this way, we will ensure the long term sustainable success of our company for decades to come and further develop the legacy we were given in a way that aligns with our core values.