A Custom Remodel in Oklahoma


Everyone loves a good remodel So this week’s customer story from Matt Joyce (our Business Development Manager for most of the U.S.) should be a crowd-pleaser…
When Matt received a call from a customer in Oklahoma needing to update/upgrade his sow farm, he knew he needed to visit the farm himself in order to create an effective solution. In addition to having issues with feed tubes in the breeding and gestation barns, the customer also needed to update/upgrade the farrowing feeders and farrowing crate doors.
After several site visits to evaluate the situation, Matt worked closely with Tom (our Product Manager) and Todd (our Executive Director) to engineer a custom solution. They created samples to show the customer how the solution would work and to make sure it would satisfy both him and his production team.
In the end, our team was able to provide new customized feed tubes/gates as well as new farrowing feeders to complete the remodel project. The customer was very pleased and excited to have a team work through the problem in a collaborative way in order to come up with a solution that will benefit his farm for years to come.
For Matt, the process of this project was fulfilling—being able to start with a concern and work through the process and timeline while providing support and a quality product is exactly why Crystal Spring has been trusted with these types of projects for more than 40 years.